I’ve been told I have an old soul, and I’ll be honest, the idea of that sounds romantic, but I am just me so I don’t read too much into it. I love music that makes me feel something, anything. I become too attached to fictional characters written by someone else and when I eat, a spontaneous “mmmmmm” escapes from my mouth more often than I’d like to admit. Yes, my hair is natural and it wasn’t until seventeen I realized how cool it is and embraced the curl. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh so I’m never short of smiles. Health and fitness are important to me because I think it’d be pretty rad to be able to live until I’m 115. So far, so good.

I’m Oregon grown so two things are for sure: I do not take sunlight for granted and I enjoy large steaming cups of local and organic coffee. I spend most of my free time camping, hiking, watching movies, or occasionally falling through the sky. Long ago, I accepted that my lust to wander will never truly subside..such is life.


WEBSITE: http://www.whiteoakphotography.com
EMAIL: whiteoakphotography.jn@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @jennifernichols23

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