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I feel quite lucky I was introduced to Tyler Jean. We learned very quickly that we have a chemistry we couldn’t ignore – many hours in the car to go for many more hours on the trails, but the conversation never dulls. We implore each other without regret and in fact, I would be offended if she didn’t ask me hard questions when we’re together hiking, over beers, whenever. Tyler Jean pushes me to be better, think better, do better, and all while reminding me to love myself along the way. I very much hope I do the same for her.
On this day, I was especially excited because never before had she officially hired me for a photo session. She has been a willing model along frigid snowy lakes and down the green trails we have been treading for quite a few seasons but I really wanted, nay needed, to make this special for her. She absolutely radiates beauty and warmth with her smile and laugh. And guess what? She’s also a fucking smoke show. This was my chance to give her all of my effort and create some magic together.
I wanted T.J. to feel one hundred percent seen. She seemingly let go of all the tough parts of being exposed in front of another; shedding the skin of insecurity.
I could tell she felt beautiful and just as intertwined with the work as I did.

She was the wind, she was the mist, she was the sunset, she was the river below us. She was and is everything.

We spent the golden hour on a damp autumn afternoon howling with laughter, sipping on the Pendleton Whiskey bottle, worshipping Mother Nature, and talking all things life. Friends like this are hard to come by and I do not take her for granted.


“Empowering and magical. Two words I would use to describe that evening shooting my very first boudoir photos with the incredibly talented Jen Peters.  From the moment I arrived in the gorge, I could taste the winter mist in the air and the beautiful sunset peaked through the rain soaked grey clouds. She was there with her confident, contagious smile and I couldn’t help but feel inspired to be seen. Being vulnerable is difficult for me in its truest sense, but something about that day made me fearless. The air was cold, but I never felt more on fire. I experienced a version of myself through the lens of a woman who saw someone I didn’t. I was always there, but I was in the dark and I couldn’t see it until she used her magic to find that perfect light to illuminate my vision. Thanks to her, the next time my mirror seems unfamiliar, I will always have these photos to remind me of my true form. Beauty. Grace. Confidence. Bravery. Jen brought a new meaning to my idea of exposition and I cannot thank her enough.”

Tyler Jean F.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to have your own boudoir photos taken, this is it. Don’t let fear hold you back. I’m sure you can think of plenty of excuses as to why you shouldn’t, but they are absolutely insignificant to all the reasons why you should.